The Great Canadian Golf Tournament – The PAIRSGolf Canada-wide Virtual Golf Tournament for Amateurs Only

The Great Canadian Golf Tournament Taking Place on a Golf Course Near You.
Everyone here at PAIRSGolf is getting ready for the first ever amateur event of its kind with our launch of The Great Canadian Golf Tournament. It’s the PAIRSGolf Canada-wide virtual golf tournament and it’s for amateurs only. Registrations for the tournament are being accepted on the PAIRSGolf website at

Are you thinking about taking in a few rounds of golf this year? Everyone who is an amateur golfer is welcome to register in this amazing knock-out, Canada-wide virtual golf tournament event taking place starting July 1, 2017. Knockouts will continue in each category until a winner is declared. Knockouts may last several weeks or more. The length of the tournament will be determined by the number of entries.

This is a tournament for amateurs only so even if it is your first time ever on a golf course, you are eligible to play. It is highly recommended, though, that you find someone who has played the game before to pair with you. You and your PAIRS partner will play using the special PAIRSGolf rules designed to help you play the game of golf as a team. The rules are easy to learn and add to the fun of the sport. In fact, if you were thinking of giving up the game, don’t throw out your clubs just yet.

Six Categories – Multiple Entries

We have six different categories in The Great Canadian Golf Tournament so no one is left out. You may be the next Mike Weir or Brooke Henderson. For those of you who are current golfers, find someone who you feel comfortable to play golf with. Is there someone you think would give you a chance to win the whole thing? Then, just for fun, find someone who has not played golf before. Perhaps you know someone who has given up on the game; get them to play as your partner for the tournament as well.

You may enter as many PAIRS as you wish. To increase your chances of success in The Great Canadian Golf Tournament, you may enter a team in more than one category or enter multiple categories or even several teams in the same category. For example, you could enter a PAIRS team made up of you and your spouse playing together, you could enter a team with you and your son or daughter playing together and you could enter a team where you and your brother are playing together. Choose the category or categories that you wish to enter.

Even if You Have Never Golfed Before

For those golfers who have not golfed for a while or have never golfed before, find someone who understands golf…at least a little bit…and go for it. Playing with a partner is a lot more comfortable and enjoyable than playing by yourself.

Where is the Tournament?

One last thing. You are probably wondering where this tournament is taking place. It is taking place at over 400 golf courses coast to coast across Canada. You will find a list of PAIRSGolf friendly participating golf courses on the registration page.

I am looking forward to seeing one of your Teams in the winner’s circle at this year’s Canada-wide Virtual Golf Tournament.

Richard Patterson
PAIRSGolf President & CEO