MetaGolf is Expanding

MetaGolf is a Golf Game Development Company in operation since 2015. We develop golf games and we develop the software to go with them. All our games are developed for the recreational golfer with online scorecards and tracking parameters. All our games are developed for scramble play.

We started in 2015 by developing a game called PAIRSGolf that saw two golfers playing together in a scramble format.

In 2017 we developed Remote Virtual Golf. This game allowed golfers to play against each other while playing from two different golf courses. Prorated scorecards were provided online based on the difficulty of each golf course.

In 2018 we launched Tournament software that allowed us to conduct our first multi-province tournament with golfers from BC, AB and ON playing in the same tournament.

In 2019 we conducted our first official pilot with our newest software called Golf Stars, a 4-golfer scramble yielding a single winner. The pilot concluded that most beginner to intermediate golfers prefer Golf Stars over their traditional way of playing golf. It also concluded that advanced golfers would like to add Golf Stars to their golf game but would still like to play their own ball outside of a scramble format.

In 2020 we are offering our newest golf game, Golf Stars, to golf courses across Canada. Our efforts have been diminished due to the Covid-19 virus, but we will endeavor to get golf courses across Canada to offer Golf Stars to their golfers when courses resume bookings and it is safe to do so. This will lead to our inaugural Golf Stars National Year-end Tournament scheduled to take place on September 19, 2020. Please ask your local golf course operator how you can represent their golf course in one of 4 Divisions.

In 2020 we are also launching our Corporate Strategy, 1 + 1 = 3 Leadership Seminars starting in the Calgary area. These are designed to support Corporate Canada and the local business community through practicing leadership skills while playing a specially designed Team Building game of golf. This program will expand to other major centers across Canada.