The Perfect Golf Game
Next Generation Golf
With Assisted GPS Scoring

The Perfect Golf Game is a competitive individual golf game designed for the “A” golfer, someone who wants to play in a competitive environment. The Perfect Golf Game is a Golf Stars game.

Golfers start at Level 1 and can advance all the way up to Level 5 by playing a perfect game in each of the first four Levels. A perfect game is when a player shoots their determined points distance for the level they are playing and land their ball every time on the Fairway or Green and shoot no more than two putts when on the Green with the first shot no more than a putter length from the hole.

The second cut around the Green is considered on the Green and the second cut around the Fairway is considered on the Fairway.

The registration for Golf Stars and The Perfect Golf Game are linked so you only need to register for one of them. The username (golf handle) and password will be the same for both games. Always remember that when you register for either game your Division for Golf Stars will automatically be Beginner/Intermediate. You do not require a Division in The Perfect Golf Game as it uses a different measurement system. You can go to your Profile when playing Golf Stars to change your Division if you are a better golfer.

Course Options
This game can be played on a 9-hole or 18-hole golf course. It can also be played on one or two of the 9-hole courses on a 27-hole golf course.

Scoring is automatic with The Perfect Golf Game. There are a series of prompts in conjunction with gps that determine whether your score percentage goes up or down. Scoring is a percentage of made shots vs missed shots. If you make all of your shots you receive a 100% score and if you miss all of your shots you receive a 0% score. Most golfers will be somewhere in between.

Points Distances:
This is the distance you ball must travel to receive a positive score for each level. This is the distance you ball must travel to receive a positive score for each level.

Level 1: 100 yards.
Level 2: 125 yards.
Level 3: 150 yards.
Level 4: 175 yards.
Level 5: 200 yards.

Selecting Your Tee Box
Try to select a tee box that allows your ball the opportunity to land on the fairway or green if you shoot your required distance in the Level you are playing. If you are playing Level 1 then the front edge of the fairway should be closer than 100 yards. If there is no fairway in front of a green on a par 3 make sure the green is closer than 100 yards if you are playing Level 1.

GPS Assisted Scoring
Click on Set Tee Location to see the gps distance from your tee shot to the middle of the green.

Click on Fairway, Green or Other while standing over your second shot to communicate to the software where your ball landed. The software will automatically calculate the distance your ball traveled and if it reached or exceeded the required distance for your Level. If it did and your ball is on the Fairway or Green you will receive a percentage increase on your scorecard. If your ball did not travel the required distance and/or did not land on the Fairway or Green you will receive a percentage decrease on your scorecard.

If your gps distance is less than your required yardage from the tee box (such as a par 3) or from the Fairway or Other the software will only show Green and Other for your second shot. Green gives you a percentage increase and Other gives you a percentage decrease.

The software will show you the correct screen after each shot depending on how far you are from the middle of the Green in relation to the Level you are playing.

The software already knows the gps location for the middle of the green on all the holes. Only select golf courses are in the database.

Other means that you ball has landed in a location other than the Fairway or Green.

Putting on the Green
Gps is not required on the Green. The software only allows 2 putts on the Green. The first putt must be within 1 putter length from the hole to receive a percentage increase and the second putt must go in the hole to receive a percentage increase. If either of these putts are not accomplished a percentage decrease will occur for each of the shots.

Once the 2 putts are completed on each Green you will be prompted to pick up your ball and proceed to the next hole.

If you putt the ball in the hole on the first shot or shoot the ball in the hole from off the Green answer the prompts on the scorecard as if you made both of your putts to keep your scoring percentage as high as possible.

A golfer will receive a placement in the leaderboard in Lever 1 after their first game is finalized.

If a golfer shoots a better percentage score it will automatically replace the previous score in the Leaderboard.

If a golfer does not shoot a better percentage score than is currently in the Leaderboard that game will not make it to the Leaderboard.

If a golfer shoots “The Perfect Golf Game”, 100%, they will move to the next Level.

The Perfect Golf Game is a popular game that invites players to challenge themselves for bragging rights! Watch for special events for Golf Star Golfers!!