Get Started

PAIRSGolf is about pairing up with a partner to play team golf as a twosome. Together you will choose your shooting strategy based on your strengths and your desired outcomes for each shot. By creating and accepting challenges you can now play against a team on many of the Canadian Golf Courses, or on the same course as you.

If you play PAIRSGolf, do you play by the same rules as regular golf? Many of the rules are the same. Some adaptations have been developed to help PAIRSGolfers complete a more relaxed and rewarding round of golf.

The Pair of golfers tee off from the same tee box and use a special scramble system that is more enjoyable to play. And, it’s easy to keep score on your Smart Phone.

Here’s What You Do

1. Choose your PAIRS partner.

2. Choose your Team Name & Password.

3. To register your team, click the register tab in the Game Center.

4. After you login, you will see our members only menu bar. You can change your password, team slogan and your profile picture.

5. In the Game Center, find a challenge under Accept Challenge or make your own challenge under Create Challenge.

6. A scorecard will automatically be generated for you and your challenger to use under the “My Game List” tab in the Game Center when you either create or accept a challenge.

7. A scorecard will also be automatically generated under the Live Games tab in the Game Center for family, friends and coworkers to view using the Game Challenge Number (GCN) or Private Challenge Number (PCN) sent to your email after you create or accept a challenge.

Remember, you can choose from many Canadian Golf Courses to play your game!