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Golf Stars   Golf Stars

Golf Stars is a competitive mini tournament created by PAIRSGolf. This mini tournament is designed for the “A” golfer. The “A” golfer is someone who wants to play in a competitive environment with other Golfers of similar ability. Golf Stars books tee times for these Golfers and notifies them that a game is ready for them to join.

Golfers register individually and then select their location, division and availability. The software will only notify those golfers when their location, division and availability matches a new mini tournament.

Golf Stars will determine the best local, regional and national golf stars. Golf Stars is ideal for the golfer who has commitments that prevents them from golfing in regular organized league play.

Golf Stars allows golfers to golf in a competitive environment that fits their schedule, whatever that may be. Golfers get to choose the division that is best for them; beginner/intermediate or intermediate/advanced.

A mini tournament is comprised of 4, 3 or 2 golfers playing head to head in a scramble format. It is an 18-hole mini tournament broken down into two 9-hole games. A golfer must win both of their 9-hole games to win the overall mini tournament.

4 golfers – the software will built scorecards for the first two golfers against each other and the next two golfers against each other. After the first 9-holes has been completed and finalized the software will match the winners against the winners and the losers against the losers for the final 9-holes to determine the 1st to 4th place finishes.

3 golfers – the software will built a three golfer scorecard for the 3 golfers playing against each other for the first and final 9-holes.

2 golfers – the software will built scorecards for the 2 golfers playing against each other for the first and final 9-holes.

The Golfers

As a registered golfer you can immediately join an available game. You will receive an email outlining the details of the games available to you including the location, time and cost. You will only be notified if the game falls within your location, division and availability as determined by each golfer.

How It Works

A tee box color/name is shown on each online scorecard that matches the division (level of difficulty) that you and your challengers are playing from. The golfers with the most points, based on each 9-holes is the winner. Winners are decided by points and not strokes. Each golfer is trying to shoot their ball closest to the hole on every shot.

An individual point is awarded after each shot provided that one of the balls in play lands closer to the hole and the shot lands on the green or fairway.

A ball on the green – beats a ball on the fairway even if the ball in the fairway is closer to the hole.

A ball on the fairway – beats a ball in the second cut even if the ball in the second cut is closer to the hole.

A ball in the second cut – (if there is one at that golf course) is considered in play and eligible for a point.

The ball on the fairway or second cut that is determined closer to the hole is the one that is used for the next shots. A marker is placed where the ball landed and golfers must shoot within 1 yard of that marker but no closer to the hole.

There are no points awarded if both golfers land their ball off of the green, fairway or second cut.

If the distance to the hole is the same or within 1 yard as determined by using a distance device for both golfers, then each golfer will receive a point and if both golfers putt out each golfer will receive a point.

If only one golfer lands their ball on the green, fairway or second cut that ball is to be used no matter how far it traveled.


The winning golfer of both 9-hole games will receive a Star and show up on the leaderboard. A golfer who makes it to the leaderboard will have all their winning scorecards available to view.

Course Options

This game works best on an 18-hole golf course (front to back or back to front) or two rounds on a 9-hole course or two of the courses on a 27-hole course.

Golfer Training

Training sessions will be held online to teach more of the details for playing Golf Stars successfully. Golfers will be notified of the dates and times of these training session through email.

Golf Stars is a popular game that invites players to challenge each other for bragging rights or maybe even a beverage!