Golf Stars is a competitive golf game created by PAIRSGolf. The game is designed for the “A” golfer and it rewards accuracy over distance. This is an individual game where golfers register individually instead of as a Team.

The Game Builder

To start, click the Game Builder tab and register your game. Select your course and enter your game name. Enter your email and choose a password. you will be notified via email. Use that email information to create your game by clicking the Create Game tab in the Game Builder.

You will see the name of your course and a Continue tab. Fill in the game information and click Create Golf Stars Game. In the Builder menu click My Game List and you will see your newly created game. It is now up to individual golfers to decide if they want to join your game.

The Golfers

To start, click the Golfers tab and register yourself. Enter your player name and select your location. Enter your email, choose a password and click the Continue tab. You can immediately join a game of your choosing. You will receive an email outlining the details of the game you have joined Remember your player name and password!

In the Golfers menu click My Game List and you will see the game you have just joined. When four players have joined that particular game, you will find out who your opponent is and will be ready to roll.

How It Works

The game starts with four golfers divided into two brackets. Each bracket has two golfers playing against each other using a scramble format.

Each golfer is trying to shoot their ball closest to the hole on each shot. An individual point is awarded at each shot provided that one of the balls in play lands closer to the hole and the shot lands on the green or fairway.

There are no points awarded if neither golfer lands their ball off of the green or fairway. If the distance to the hole is the same for both golfers then each golfer will receive a point and if both golfers putt out each golfer will receive a point.

Unlike regular PAIRSGolf, there are no penalties for missing the green or fairway when adding up the score for each hole. If only one golfer lands their ball on the green or fairway that ball is to be used no matter how far it traveled.

The bracket with the highest score will still be on top of the Golf Stars charts for all to see. A tee box colour/name is determined before each game starts and will be stated on the scorecards.


Choose a system for selecting who tees off first. You may prefer to play rock, paper, scissors or you may flip a coin. It’s up to you. On the next hole the other golfer in the bracket of two will shoot first for that hole.

Golfers will continue to alternate from hole to hole for the rest of the game. In other words, one golfer tees off first on all the even-numbered holes and the other golfer tees off first on all the odd-numbered holes.

It is important to note that the golfer to shoot first from the 1st or 10th tee box has a slight disadvantage as they shoot first for 5 of the 9 holes and will therefore be declared the winner if the points are tied after the 9-hole round.

Moving On

After both brackets have completed and finalized their first 9-hole game, the system software will automatically generate new brackets in the My Game List, one for the winners of each bracket against each other, and one for the losers of each bracket against each other.

The winners of the next 9-holes with determine the 1st to 4th place placement.

Course Options

This game works best on an 18-hole golf course (front to back or back to front) or when tee times are pre-booked for two rounds on a 9-hole course or two of the courses on a 27-hole course.

Golf Stars is a popular game that invites players to challenge each other for bragging rights or maybe even a beverage!